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Remember a little while back when fans discovered an odd severed dummy finger within the demo for Resident Evil 7 which seemed to have no real logic being in the game? Well thanks to the latest update to the demo, that mystery has finally been solved.

The “dummy finger” as it’s been dubbed, was a mystery that almost became legend in the demo for the upcoming horror title, however now we know the truth behind the game. Capcom recently released an update for the demo which added a few more things to the game, making this demo probably one of the most played and worked-on demos ever.

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You know the saying “when one door closes another opens” well that’s exactly what happens with the dummy finger. After following a series of cryptic steps to get the finger to end up in the right place, players eventually end up with another mystery on their hands, the meaning of the “dirty coin”.

This “dirty coin” when acquired can be transferred to the main game for a hidden surprise, however you’ll have to wait until the main game launches in order to actually find out what this surprise may be. Goody.

Resident Evil 7 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on January 24.

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