Movies are expensive and flicks like The Flash will cost a whole lot of money to make so they’re going to need to make the money up somehow to cover all the costs it’ll occur, right? How can they do that? They’ll just have to throw in some product placement to encourage movie-goers to go out and buy some stuff.

I kind of hope The Flash movie is good. You can be so creative with super speed. So with that being said check out my three top products that’d make sense if you stuck them in the upcoming Flash movie…

A Fitbit

The Flash is going to be doing a whole lot of running and maybe he’s going to need some way of measuring it, so slapping a Fitbit on his wrist would make sense.

If Barry Allen ends running the whole way from Central City to somewhere in Egypt. He’s going to be very curious about how many footsteps he’s taken and how many calories he’s still got to burn.

Back to Future Trainers… and probably a whole bunch of different running shoes


We all know that part of a superhero movie where the hero discovers they have superpowers through their everyday activities right? Well, I could see The Flash destroying lots of trainers before he gets his fancy costume which doesn’t get ruined when he uses his powers.

Also, since The Flash is always in a hurry, he might not have time to always do his laces. Those self-lacing shoes from Back to The Future could save him some time.

The Flash Motorcycle

I mean, you can only make so much Batman stuff, and you have to take your hats off to the designer who came up with this.

You may think The Flash doesn’t need a bike, with super speed and all. But what if he needs to go faster?

Sometimes he uses a treadmill to travel through time, but what if Zach Synder reads the script and thinks the Cosmic Treadmill is so lame? Also in a parallel universe, Barry Allen built a motorcycle which harnessed the Speed Force.

Instead of The Flash motif, it was police themed and his girlfriend Patty Spivot did take over, but then the New 52 happened…

So there you have it, three incredibly apt product placements which could be thrown into the upcoming The Flash movie if Warner Bros. needs any more cash.

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