Love it or hate it, Super Mario Run has been a pretty successful debut for Nintendo on mobile platforms. While many were disappointed with the £7.99 price tag, the ability to download the game for free and trial the first three levels was a pretty crafty idea, so much so that the game was downloaded more than 37 million times in three days.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run launched on December 15 and by December 18 the game had achieved the 37 million milestone. Of that number 2 million downloads came from the UK, but the country that saw the most Mario hype was the US which accounted for a little over 11 million downloads.

This data comes via app analytics company App Annie, who also revealed that the game saw around 10 million downloads within the first day earning an estimated $4 million. This means that, at $10 a pop, around 400,000 people stumped up the cash to purchase the game in the first day alone.

In comparison, Pokémon Go managed to achieve $3 million within the first day, though this game’s microtransactions are much smaller than the hefty $10 asking price for Super Mario Run.

In terms of retention, App Annie notes that users had an average of 2.4 play sessions a day, with each one lasting around five and a half minutes.

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