Sniper Elite 4 Target Fuhrer Mission

Rebellion has today revealed the first footage and screenshots of Sniper Elite 4’s pre-order mission, Target: Fuhrer, which once again has players tasked with taking down Adolf Hitler. Because it’s not a Sniper Elite game without the chance to take down Hitler in as many ways as possible.

A brand new trailer and a handful of screenshots have been revealed for Sniper Elite 4’s Target: Fuhrer mission which is available to all who pre-order the game. The trailer teases a glimpse at the many ways players can take down Hitler, check it out:

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This mission is just a glimpse of what’s going to be available to players when Sniper Elite 4 launches on February 14, 2017. Based in a huge U-boat facility filled with many hazards and elite Nazi troops, players must figure out ways of taking down Hitler with rewards being dished out to the more creative assassination attempts.

This mission can be tackled alone or co-operatively, and offers hours of gameplay and achievements / trophies for players that discover interesting ways to take the Fuhrer down.

Check out some new screenshots below:

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