‘Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through Overwatch house,
not a payload was moving,
not even your mouse!

As you can no doubt tell it’s Christmas time, and there’s no need to be afraid. For in this world of plenty, it’s Christmas time and Blizzard are here spreading Christmas cheer, Overwatch style!

Okay enough rambling and shit jokes. Overwatch’s Christmas event has finally landed. Being teased with it long in advance, we’re finally able to feast our turkey stuffed eyes on some sexy new skins and textures!

First of course we were shown King’s Row (my old stomping ground) with it’s halls decked and it’s streets paved with snow! A beautiful sight for all! But now the new Christmas themed skins have been revealed and they are fantastic!

Look at these sweet looking gift boxes!

As we can see, King’s Row isn’t the only map feeling the chill this winter!

Mei and Winston’s new skins are absolutely adorable, but did you expect anything less?

Sombra getting a candy cane themed skin so soon after her introduction is a great move! Considering what a hit she’s become with the player base.

Nutcracker Zenyatta and Jingle suit Tracer are probably the two best skins to come out of the event. Although Santa suit Torbjorn looks pretty awesome too!

Not to mention these awesome skins for Reaper and McCree. Although everytime I think Scrooge McCree its quickly replaced with McDuck.

Zarya also gets a holiday skin but it’s not too much of a change from her regular get up, unfortunately!

One thing is clear, Blizzard have really pushed the boat out with this batch of Overwatch holiday skins. Players are able to get their hand on these skins from loot boxes between now (Dec 13) and Jan 2.

Best get out there and push that payload!

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