Remember back in August 2015 when TouchJet announced the crowdfunding campaign for the TouchJet WAVE, a device which sits on top of your TV screen turning it into a fully working touch-screen. Well, it’s finally here and can be yours for as little as $299.

If you’re more than happy to turn your TV screen into a finger print magnet then rejoice as the TouchJet WAVE is finally here. After the final round of FCC approval, the “TV Tablet” system is now available at BestBuy and the TouchJet website. Pre-orders from the website are also being shipped.

The TouchJet Wave is capable of turning almost any flat screen, up to 65-inches, to run any Android app, without the need to connect to a laptop or any additional cables. This gives users the ability to not only interact with their TV in new ways, but also use something many already have in their homes (and offices) in a completely new way. What’s more, there’s no need for expensive projection software in your meeting room, just hook up the WAVE, and present away.

Helen Thomas – Co-founder of Touchjet comments:

“To pass all FCC testing and achieve availability in the US with a top retailer, 14 months after the close of a crowdfunding campaign, is quite an accomplishment. We’re delighted to now be shipping to customers who have already pre-ordered the Touchjet WAVE, so people can begin experiencing the usefulness of large touchscreen technology at home and in the workplace. We want to thank all contributors to this journey. We now have to generate sales to fund all units for backers. Therefore, it is important that our community continue to support this innovation.”


Interestingly in addition to the touch-screen capabilities, TouchJet has also addressed concerns of those who don’t particularly want to have fingerprints all over their TV by allowing it to be controlled by a smartphone through the TouchJet WAVE app.

You can find out more about the TouchJet WAVE over on their website.

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