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Back in 2014 the UK arm of Crytek ran into a bit of financial difficulty causing its staff to be unpaid for months at a time. Now, just two years later it looks like history is repeating itself though this time it’s within the US arm of the company.

Since Deep Silver swooped in and scooped up Crytek UK (now known as Deep Silver Dambuster Studios) things seemed to be on the up for Crytek as they’d shifted focus on some pretty epic VR experiences. However, it looks like things aren’t as peachy as we thought as a number of reports have surfaced revealing that Crytek employees are once again going unpaid.

Posting on the subreddit /r/legaladvice one employee using a throwaway account has revealed that Crytek are once again not paying their staff with some being unpaid for the past few months.

“The last time this happened we were told it would be the last time and yet it is happening again. Many of my co-workers moved from out of the country to work here and are unable to leave because they cannot afford to get back home due to their wages being withheld for so long,” the user wrote.

Crytek, who are based in Germany, also have a handful of offices dotted across the world. According to the post, these offices are also being affected.

“The [Yerli] brothers had a meeting a few months ago and assured everyone that the issue was finally fixed and there should be no more problems. That is not the case. People are still working without pay. This isn’t just here in Germany, this is in all of our offices as far as I can tell.”

In addition Polygon has also heard from a full-time employee with the company who have also corroborated the story posted on reddit. This employee revealed that staff had been unpaid for around two months and around five months leading up to that had their pay delayed by two to four weeks.

Interestingly this isn’t just the sole source, either, as many other employees from other studios have reported that they too have not been paid for months, which suggests the company as a whole are running into some serious problems. What’s more, there’s rumours that Crytek are looking to sell Crytek Black Sea, a company it acquired back in 2008.

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