Shonen Jump has announced this week that a live-action Hollywood movie adaptation of Naturo Shippuden is currently in production over at Lionsgate with Michael Gracey directing and creator Kishimoto Sensei involved.

While details are pretty thin right now, I’ve taken the time to write my own spin on the news, predicting who from the Naruto universe would perform best in the real world when placed in the cage at an MMA event.

For those who don’t know, the Japanese anime series Naruto Shippuden is primarily about people fighting. From a young age, the shinobi or ninja of this world would get trained to fight by hand, though what if one day these characters found themselves in the cage?

Going by the standard rules of MMA competitions, I highly doubt they Sexy Justu, or whether a giant wolf would be allowed to compete, instead it’d be straight up hand to hand combat until one wins and the other loses, based on what I’ve seen, anyway.

So, these are ninja’s who I think would stand a fairly good chance in the cage, unless it’s against Conor McGregor, of course.

Sakura: Sakura may not have all the cool flashy attacks that Sasuke and Naruto may have, but she has proven herself to be a tough cookie when it counts.

During the Chunin Exams, she held her own when the rest of Team 7 was down, showing that she didn’t need some of that stuff as she mostly held her own against her attackers.

She may not always win, but her surprising strength makes her a competent contender.

Rock Lee: This list wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention Lee. His whole style is basically hand to hand combat, they wouldn’t even need to lock the cage. It’d be over that quickly.

Just make sure he doesn’t have a whiskey bun before he heads in, because that would get nasty.

Hanabi Hyuga: I think we can agree Hinata is more a lover than a fighter. With Neji gone, I think Hanabi stands a good chance.

The Byakugan allows Hyuga too see your inside wiring and effectively shut down your body with a few pokes and the occasional flick.

She maybe a bit young, though that’s what the disguise classes at the Hidden Leaf Academy are for right?

Might Duy (Might Guy’s dad): Imagine if Might had turned during the early days of UFC? A guy that could legitimately pull off the Bruce Lee inspired shenanigans we’d all kind of want to see in an MMA fight.

This would’ve been a great chance for Might Duy to prove himself.

Now maybe Naruto might include an MMA style competition into the next Chunin exams and may even invite long lost Taijutsu master, Conor McGregor to help to teach it?

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