n3rdabl3’s Favourite Swords from Nerd Culture

Swords… Who doesn’t love a good sword? Be it in a video game or film, the world of nerd culture is full of some amazing swords. So here at n3rdabl3 we thought we would put together a list of some of our favourite swords from across a range of medias.

From video games of our childhood to the long lost anime’s of yesterday, we thought long and hard to put together a list of swords that would be an impressive arsenal if we could have them all.

Now this list is not in any given order and all the weapons listed are on the same level as each other in terms of our favourite. We thought about swords that stood the test of time and had an impression on us that still stands today. You might not know them all but you will surely know some of them. So without future delay let’s look at what swords made the cut! Awful pun, I know.

20Buster Sword – Final Fantasy VII

Let’s be honest, no list of swords would be complete without a mention of the iconic Buster Sword. The weapon of choice by Angeal in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 it was later picked up by Zack Fair before finally being passed down to Cloud Strife. Oversized and overpowered, the Buster sword is always a weapon of choice.

19Red Queen – Devil May Cry 4

Belonging to Nero in Devil May Cry 4 the Red Queen might very well be one of the most interesting swords on this list. Not only does it pack a punch with its blade but comes with a specially modified motorcycle-like gear shift which, when pulled, releases a flaming jet to propel the blade forward. Result? A completely badass weapon.

18Soul Reaver – Legacy of Kain

The Reaver, also known as the Soul Reaver, is the sword that has appeared throughout the Legacy of Kain series of games. It is an undulating serpentine blade which is enchanted to allow for great power. Being able to drain the blood of its victims. Later on it becomes able to devour the souls of those it hit and was a key story element throughout the games. Demonic in look and power the Soul Reaver is not a blade to mess with.

17Trunks Sword – Dragon Ball Z

Carried by Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z. This sword is as iconic as the series itself. Later revealed to be The Brave Sword in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon. It is an enchanted blade which, when used, can deal insane amounts of damage. Though it was broken in the end by Android 18 the blade is likely most known for cutting down many foes including Mecha Frieza.

16High-Frequency Blade – Metal Gear Solid Rising

Raiden might not have been the favourite lead character in the Metal Gear series but once he gets hold of the High-Frequency Blade that all changes. Skip ahead to Metal Gear Rising and we are greeted with the best incarnation of the blade. Using powerful alternating current and extremely high vibration, the blade is able to weaken molecular bonds of anything it cuts. This means the user can cut through wood, watermelons, people, tanks and even Metal Gears.

15Master Sword – The Legend of Zelda

The Master Sword is seen throughout the Zelda series and could be the most iconic sword in all of video game history. Choosing or accepting its master the sword is seen to only be handled by one who has proven themselves worthy. Infused with great power and blessings of the divine the Master Sword is strong, sharp and able to do battle with magic of both light and dark. The Master Sword is clearly a weapon to last the trials of time and be the hero of time.

14Falchion – Fire Emblem Awakening

Though the Fire Emblem series has many amazing weapons present, the Falchion stands out as one of the best. With its design in Fire Emblem Awakening being one of the more beautiful incarnations of the weapon. The Falchion was forged from a fang of Naga which imbued the blade with the power to slay dragons. Because of this the Falchion has been used throughout the series for defeating end-game bosses.

13Gunblade – Final Fantasy VIII

Why take a sword to a gunfight when you can take a gun to a sword fight? Better yet why not both. First appearing in Final Fantasy VIII the gunblade is just what the name says. Though originally not intended to work as a gun, but rather allow damage boosting shots to be fired on hit. Later designs of the gunblade saw working guns have blades affixed to them to allow for easier switching.

12The Sword of Omens – Thundercats

Reflective, retractable and legendary in natural The Sword of Omens from Thundercats is a swor. Powered by the Eye of Thundera, the ruby-red stone in the sword’s hilt. The Sword of Omens is powered by an all-powerful, galactic energy force that is sentient. As the weapon of choice for the Thundercats not much can stand in their way when it is taken into battle.

11The Power Sword – He Man

He-Man might very well have the looks and the strength but without The Power Sword he does not ‘have the power’. Simple in design and look THe Power Sword grants Prince Adam the power to transform into He-Man and become a weapon of legend. Aiding with the defence of Castle Grayskull from Skeletor. The Power Sword has been a trusty weapon for He-Man throughout the years.

10Soul Edge – Soulcalibur

Once just a plain sword the Soul Edge is now a demonic weapon that has bathed in blood and hatred one to many times. Infused with the soul of Inferno the blade invades the mind of those who hold it and takes over like a parasite. Continuous seeking to feed on more souls and bath in more blood the Soul Edge is the antagonist of the Soul series and continous to be an iconic weapon to this day.

9Ten Commandments – Rave Master

On the surface this blade is a large sword with not much being special about it. However, once one of the many Rave stones are inserted the Ten Commandments changes form and shape to unleash new and powerful abilities. Only the Rave Master is able to use the sword making it an impressive and deadly weapon that will give the user many options in battle.

8Harusame / Amidamaru – Shaman King

Shaman King’s main character Asakura Yoh might not look like much but with his trusty Harusame and guardian ghost Amidamaru, he is a force to be reckoned with. The Harusame blade might be well crafted katana made by a master blacksmith but when fused with the spirit of Amidamaru the sword can take on many new forms. Unlashing spirit shields, oversized blade attacks and much more. The Harusame is trusty sword capable of so much more.

7Z-Saber – Megaman Zero

The weapon of choice of Zero in the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series. The Z-Saber is a powerful energy blade that is able to deal damage in shocking ways. The Z-Saber first had a design that allowed for the blade to be more fluid and liquid in motion due to the energy flowing from it. In Mega Man X6 however the Z-Saber came back as a solid energy weapon much more akin to a standard sword.

6Machete – Jason Voorhees

Used by the famous Jason in many of the Friday the 13th films this iconic weapon, though not as beautiful as others, is defiantly as well known. Long, blood covered and rusted the machete is the weapon of choice for Jason thanks to its many uses. From slashing, stabbing and even throwing. The machete has proven to be a trusty blade for many murders.

5Power Sword – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Though each Power Ranger has their own power weapon the iconic Power Sword was the Red Ranger’s weapon. Though a normal blade at first the Power Sword is able to unleash a powerful energy slash when charged up. This is of course done by the Red Ranger running two fingers up the blade of the Sword before unleashing its devastating slash upon an enemy.

4Bowie Knife – Rambo III

What is better than a knife? A bigger knife. Whats on par with a sword? Rambo’s Bowie Knife. Rambo might be known for his weapons and creative kills but one standout is of course the Bowie Knife from Rambo III. The knife is said to be over 16 inches in overall size with a 11 inch long steel blade. The blade is insane in look and design and has extra features allow for use such as cutting barbed wire. A fantasy knife for sure the Rambo III knife is still a knife we all want.

3Dual Long Knives – The Lord of the Rings

Iconic in look the Elven weapons seen throughout The Lord of the Rings are memorable and beautiful. The dual long Knives that Legolas uses during the films are stunning. With bleached white handles and shiny blades. The long but lethal knives allow for Legolas to have a unique fighting style that is powerful and enjoyable to watch.

2Edward Elric’s Arm Blade – Fullmetal Alchemist

After losing his right arm and left leg due to failing a Human Transmutation, Edward Elric finds these lost limbs replaced with automail. Thanks to his powers as an alchemist Edward is able to change his automail arm into a deadly Arm Blade without the need of a transmutation circle. This makes the Fullmetal Alchemist a powerful fighter as Edward can turn his body into his weapon and more. A staple of the series his Arm Blade has always been his trusted weapon.

1The Needle – Game of Thrones

Wielded by Arya Stark the Needle is a thin sword that gives her the fighting style of a fencer. Thanks to its light weight the Needle is closer to a rapier then a more traditional sword. With an emphasis on speed and agility the Needle is a deadly weapon when put in the right hands. There might be many weapons in the Game of Thrones world but the Needle is definitely one that stands out.

So there you have it. Our favourite swords from across nerd culture. Do you agree with our list? Think we missed an important one? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Until next time, stay tuned to n3rdabl3.