Get to Know Sakura and Sarada Before the Road to Boruto Expansion

We’re edging ever closer to the Naruto Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto expansion, so let’s take a closer look at some of the big players in the Boruto story.

If you didn’t know, Boruto is the son of Naruto – the little ninja that could. If you’re not very familiar Naruto or even Boruto, I’ll sum it up.

It’s kind of like Harry Potter. Naruto is Harry and magic is replaced with ninja stuff, let’s take a look at a member of the old guard and a shining star of the next generation.


Get to Know Sakura and Sarada Before the Road to Boruto Expansion

Sakura is Naruto’s childhood crush, a stickler for good manners and never afraid to throw a punch. Sakura rolled up in the story of Naruto after she, Naruto, and Sasuke was put into Team 7. Finding Naruto annoying, she set her lust ambitions onto the silent heartthrob, Sasuke.

If you ranked all the fighters in the Hidden Leaf. Sakura may not come out on top. Though she makes up with it with her cunning ninja skills, bursts of super strength and of course, her top-notch medical skills.

After Sakura noticed the lack of medical ninja in the field, she persuaded Hokage of the time, Lady Tsunade to train her. She joined Naruto on his quest to bring Sasuke home, which went really well… because they had a child together.

Her name was Sarada, which nicely brings me to the next character we’re going to talk about.


Get to Know Sakura and Sarada Before the Road to Boruto Expansion

Have you ever looked at your parents and wondered if you were even related? Did you ever think that there could be no way that you could be related?

Well, Sarada did, she even went on an adventure with her chum, Boruto to try and prove that her mother was not Sakura. After a quest which taught her a few things about herself and her legacy she discovered that Sakura was indeed her mother and she was proud of it.

Of course, right now, that’s not the biggest carrot on her plate since her and Boruto are looking to compete in a competition to improve their standing in the ninja community.