Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta Begins Next Month

Ubisoft have revealed the dates for the upcoming closed beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands when players will be able to get early hands-on with the game to test the dynamic multiplayer system.

The closed beta, which you can sign up for on the game’s website, will run from February 3-6 and will take place on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Pre-loads of the beta will begin on February 1.

Ubisoft has revealed that the beta will include solo play as well as four-player co-operative, which is a nice surprise. Of course with this being a beta, Ubisoft are hoping that players dive into the co-operative side of things to really test the multiplayer. The last thing we want is for things to end up as bad as The Division…

The solo part of the game will see players team up with three AI units which Ubisoft claim can be swapped out at any time for real players. In addition the game’s difficulty will change depending on the skill level and progress of all players, which is interesting.

Players will be able to experience Wildlands in single-player with a team of three AI-controlled teammates. Ubisoft tells us that those teammates can be swapped out at any time for real, human players. Furthermore, they’ve said that available quests and game difficulty will change depending on the skill level and progress of the players making up any given squad.

Along with the beta date announcement, Ubisoft has also released a few new trailers for the game, including a 20 minute playthrough, which you can see below:

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