Rock Lee

Get your gold medals ready folks, it’s time for Rock Lee to take a break from the world of Naruto and try a spot of athletics applying that spring of youth to something a little bit different.

We all know Rock Lee is renowned for his peak physical condition and mastery of hand to hand combat. The parody of Bruce Lee is known to do 1000 push ups for light exercise and always push it to the limit.

What if Rock Lee decided to try something a little different and apply himself to the world of sport? Well, I’ve thought of 5 sports the master martial artist of the Naruto franchise would be very good at.

Taekwondo – It’s kind of a no-brainer really. The master of martial arts in one world would probably be very good at Taekwondo. All he’d have to do is obtain a black belt from somewhere. If he borrowed a page from Mr. Miyagi’s book, he could borrow one from someone.

Or knowing Lee, he’d probably master the whole style in just one day.

Gymnastics – All those fancy kicks means that Lee is sure flexible so he’d be good for something like rhythmic gymnastics, I mean he’s already appropriately dressed for it.

He could dress up a martial art pattern for part of his performance routine.

Triathlon – This could be a perfect warm up for Lee for when he enters the decathlon. Let’s face it, three events wouldn’t even phase him in the slightest.

Decathlon – It’s time for Lee to break a sweat. He sure went through some crazy stuff with Naruto, and this would be the ultimate test to his will and endurance. Until he sets a world record.

Boxing – Lee is going to need a cool down exercise. How about a few rounds with some of the world’s finest boxers?

That would surely be a great way for Lee to cool down after a long day of exercise.

The only pitfall for Lee taking part in any of these sports is that we must make sure that he doesn’t have a whiskey bun before he starts.

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