Ark: Survival Evolved Gets its Biggest Patch Ever

Studio Wildcard has unveiled that next week their dinosaur survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved, is set to become so much bigger next week.

Monday, January 30, the game is set to receive the Tek Tier patch, which the studio claims is the largest ever patch for the game. The patch will bring with it the Tek Tier armour set which is aimed at the game’s end-game as it adds some pretty insane abilities to the game.

These armour sets will give payers some insane abilities including the ability to identify enemies, players, and creatures; night vision; and the ability to resist fall damage and climb cliffs and other slopes easily. What’s more, Tek Pants will let you run pretty fast, while Jetpacks will let you zip around the world.

In addition to the armour, there’s also the Tek Rifle a long-scoped rifle that can be combined with the armour’s abilities, such as night vision, and become pretty powerful. Oh, and you can equip this gun while riding a T-Rex.

These armour sets can only be constructed with Element, a resource which is dropped by the game’s many bosses. Speaking of which, the Tek Tier patch also revamps boss battles with each boss now having three difficulties. These bosses will also drop new items, so players can go-back and take them on once more.

The patch will also introduce new weapons, four new dinosaurs, and a sheep which can be sheered to collect wool, there’s also a new lance item which can be used to joust on the back of a dinosaur.

Hair is also a key addition to the game with players having the ability to choose hairstyles and facial hair for their characters which can be cut, styled, and dyed. When cut, players will receive Human Hair as a resource, though we’re unsure of its use right now…

Apparently, this is the patch to end all patches and marks the start of the “final stretch” for the game, so maybe we’ll be seeing a full release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 some time this year?