Become the CDC in new Strategy Game, Quarantine, Coming to Early Access Next Month

505 Games and Sproing have unveiled brand new strategy game which is set to come to Early Access next month, Quarantine, which has players battle to contain outbreaks and cure diseases.

As director of Pandemic Defense, players must fend off deadly contagions before they wipe out all of mankind. Think the opposite of Plague Inc., and you’re right on the money. This turn-based strategy game will have players tasking their team of operatives with different missions across the world in an effort to contain and wipe-out the disease.

A trailer for the game has also been released, which you can see below:

The game is set to feature hours of replayability as each outbreak is different. There are a total of three lethal pathogens each with their own effects, making no two games the same.

Quarantine is set to land on Steam in Early Access on February 9.