Some big news on the Chromebook front this week both for the average user, the more intense PC user, and the education sector.

First things first, remember when it was revealed that Chromebooks will soon be able to download and use apps from Google Play? Well it’s now been confirmed that any Chromebooks which launch from 2017 and beyond, will be capable of running any Android app.

These new Chromebooks, a few of which were unveiled at CES earlier this year, will come with the Play Store installed as standard and will be able to run Android apps out of the box. There are of course a few Chromebooks released before this time that will also be supported, but the list is pretty short.

Now, for those of you wanting an affordable laptop that has the capabilities to run creative programs such as Photoshop, you likely steered away from Chromebooks due to their lack of Adobe apps and their reliance on the Internet. Well, there’s some good news for you as Adobe has confirmed that it will release a suite of free Creative Cloud apps that are optimised for Chromebooks.

This suite includes Photoshop Mix, Lightroom mobile, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Comp CC and Creative Cloud Mobile, and will likely be a big hit for both creatives and the education sector.

Hey what a segway, speaking of the education sector, Google has unveiled two new Chromebooks aimed at education. The first is the Acer Chromebook Spin 11 which comes with a convertable 11.6-inch touchscreen, Intel Celeron processor, and a handful of storage and RAM options.

This hybrid Chromebook offers support for Wacom styluses and also has a “World View Camera” which is essentially a camera which can be used while the Chromebook is in tablet mode and, according to Google, can be turned into a microscope.

The second is the Asus Chromebook Flip C213 which seems to be aimed at the younger end of the education spectrum as this rugged Chromebook is also modular allowing IT departments to replace parts of the device if they become damaged.

Both devices will be available for schools to purchase later this Spring.

So there you have it, Chromebooks are about to become even more useful than before, especially now it has the power of the Play Store behind it.

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