Power Rangers/ Justice League

DC’s finest clash with the Teenagers with Attitude in an adventure which crosses another two mega franchises together, yes it’s Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1. It’s your standard set up for a comic book crossover, two universes collide, you get peanut butter mixed with chocolate as things mesh together.

If you’ve bought the book digitally, the 33 pages you’ll receive aren’t all allocated for the story. If you’re fond of alternate covers you’ll be treated six covers of a Justice Leaguer striking a pose with a Power Ranger, it’s a pretty neat addition for fans of digital, not so great for those paper hoarders.

My favourite cover variant is the is John Stewart AKA Green Lantern sharing a cover with the Power Rangers free spirit, Yellow Ranger.

Now onto the story. When the Command Centre is breached, Zack the Black Ranger is transported to the mean old streets of Gotham and falls foul of the Dark Knight. Of course, you can’t have six issues of your favourite caped and helmeted heroes scrapping with each other, judging by some of the response to Batman vs Superman, some people wouldn’t be very fond of that.

So yeah, Issue 1 is getting the standard crossover trope out of the way. Characters cross paths and have a scrap due to a misunderstanding. Of course, a baddie has been introduced, who may be involved with the main plot, and I’m sure he or she will team up with a villain or two later on.

The pencils of Eduardo Nunez combined with the inks Stephen Byrne have produced something pretty neat here, except for one splash page of Batman which looks a bit iffy. Overall however, the work looks stunning. My favourite highlight is the new take on the Power Rangers Moprhin’ sequence.

Overall, the books works. It may be a little slow, but there’s a lot more action in this book than the flagship Power Ranger series. So if you’re looking for some high kicking action, this is your book.

Here’s hoping the rest follow suit.

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