The Culling Promises Renewed Bloodshed with “The Big House” Update

Since it exploded onto the scene back in March last year, Xaviant Games’ massively multiplayer King of the Hill/”Hunger Games” PvP survival game The Culling has seen its ups and downs, with its somewhat disappointing rankings on Steam as of late generally stemming from the negative impact of some recent patches, balancing issues with regards to perks and some matchmaking troubles.

That may be about to change however, as the developers have announced the release of a new update titled The Big House, bringing plenty of new content and a plethora of tweaks to the game including a new map, a spread of brutal new weapons, a variety of fresh in-game events, bug fixes, optimizations and more.

Xaviant Games took the opportunity to thank their fans for their support and stated that while the game won’t be out of Early Access just yet, the Big House update does represent another equally impressive milestone:

“Since The Culling made its debut onto Steam Early access, you, the cullmunity, have shown us plenty of love.  This isn’t lost on us and The Big House is our way of showing it back. Consider it a love letter. A letter of love. Basically we’re flirting with you. No, we will not send nudes...

“Although we’ve addressed many known issues, this build is not an exit from Early Access. Instead, it represents our transition from Alpha to Beta. This is an exciting milestone that ushers in a new era of The Culling. At the same time, it doesn’t mean we’re quite out of the woods, or the tropical island – see what we did there? – just yet. There’s still plenty of bug fixing, optimizing, and polishing to do.”

Here’s hoping The Culling can crown itself king of the online PvP survival hill once more. Take a look at the Big House update’s full feature list from here.

The Culling is currently available on Steam Early Access. The game will be coming to Xbox One as part of the Xbox One Preview Program in the first half of 2017.

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