You’ve gotta hand it to UK studio Bossa Studios. While they’re busy working on their upcoming adventure game, World’s Adrift, they’ve announced another game which has one of those names which could easily be mistaken for something else… Decksplash

Anyway, Decksplash is a brand new game currently in development at Bossa Studios which blends the floor painting action of Splatoon with the skateboarding of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. In fact, you could almost say that Decksplash is a standalone version of the multiplayer game Graffiti in the Tony Hawk’s series.

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The game is a 3 v 3 arcade-multiplayer game that has players flipping, grabbing, and grinding their way to the top by painting sections of the skatepark in their respective colours. The player with the most colour on the map at the end of the round is crowned the winner!

Much like Graffiti, players will be required to rack up insane combos in order to get a huge score and create the biggest splash. The higher the score the bigger the splash, the more coverage you have.

With any Bossa Studios game, physics play a huge part of the game as players have direct control over their board. This allows them to create their own tricks and be the ultimate skater on the block.

Decksplash is all about strategy. While you can dash around the park creating a massive combo, the key is to watch each player and discover the biggest and best lines to create an ultimate combo as well as stealing what your opponent has already splurged over.

Unfortunately there’s no release date for the game, but players are being invited to a playtest of the game which they can sign up over on the game’s website.

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