Dontnod Eleven has this week announced the Closed Beta for their upcoming 2.5D mutliplayer shooter, BattleCrew Space Pirates, which is set to take place from January 19 through Sunday January 22.

The Closed Beta for BattleCrew Space Pirates hopes to test servers in both North America and Western Europe, introducing new gameplay updates and additional improvements based on player feedback from previous tests.

During the Closed Beta players will be able to trial five different maps through two of the game’s competitive multiplayer modes, Gold Rush and Team Deathmatch.

In Gold Rush team mates must work together to collect as much gold as possible to win while also battling against the opposing team. Team Deathmatch on the other hand is your standard player vs player affair.

Finally, Squads will be coming to the Closed Beta which allows players to invite friends to create their own team of space pirates.

If you’re hoping to dive into the game ahead of its Early Access launch at the end of January 2017, you can sign up to the closed beta via the game’s website.

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