Enter The Gungeon “Supply Drop” Update Adds New Enemies, Guns, Much More

While I did have a few issues with the initial version of Dodge Roll Games’ firearm-focused action roguelike Enter The Gungeon, I thoroughly enjoyed what I played of the game.

With that in mind it looks like it might be time to brave the Gungeon once more – newcomers and experienced Gungeoneers alike will be very pleased to know that the long awaited Supply Drop update has finally exploded on to the scene, adding over 200 extra Gungeon rooms, new enemies, a new companion, a Challenge Mode and – of course – new guns.

In addition to the new content, the Supply Drop update also includes a number of bug fixes and balancing adjustments, as well as the introduction of an option to save and quit the game at the end of each floor.

Enter the Gungeon is currently available on Steam and PlayStation 4. The new update is now live. The Steam version of the game is currently on a 50% discount sale until the 30th of January.