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Other than standing awkwardly on stage during the Nintendo Switch Direct Broadcast last week, EA’s Patrick Soderlund didn’t reveal too much about the upcoming release of FIFA on the Nintendo Switch. While many are excited for the return of FIFA on Nintendo consoles after it skipped past the Wii U, you must be careful what you wish for.

According to reports, it’s looking increasingly like the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA, simply called “FIFA” will be based on the Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 17. Interestingly in response to these claims, EA’s Peter Moore reiterated that FIFA will be “custom built for Nintendo Switch”, whatever that means.

While the last-gen versions of FIFA 17 have some pretty good features packed in, it has one big omission, something many fans have been keen to shout about, and that’s the lack of one of the biggest features to come to the game this year, The Journey story mode. What’s more, the last-gen versions aren’t built on the same engine as the current-gen version meaning the game feels largely like a rehash of FIFA 16.

What we know for sure is that FIFA for Nintendo Switch won’t be quite as in-depth and feature rich as those found on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That being said, it’s definitely nice to see the return of EA on Nintendo consoles, even if their efforts seem to be a bit half arsed.

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