Parkour has now be recognised as a sport in the UK, and I personally can’t wait for this first generation of teen sidekicks using Parkour to solve crimes and catch crooks. Though what other geeky sports should become actual sports?

Imagine having to do these sports during Physical Education instead of football or rugby? Have you never really gelled with footballs? Do you really have the skill for Ice Hockey? If not this list might be for you.

Hoverboarding – I heard somewhere that a bunch of expert skateboarders are really struggling to master the proper hoverboards because of how friction works so differently, oh and gravity being a thing.

Though if we did somehow master it, just imagine how awesome Sky Sports would become if they were showing the International Hover Board Championships?

I say we encourage it in schools… We get the gifted Science and Design Technology students to build the world’s first Hover Boards, then we train the athletic kids to ride them.

Quidditch – Not the ground-based version where people run around with brooms throwing different size balls at each other, I’m talking about sending spys undercover to rob a bunch of brooms and starting a Muggle League (if you’re reading JK Rowling, you’re welcome).

Or alternatively just building some rocket power brooms and showing those fools at Hogwarts how to really play Quidditch.

Lightsaber Battles – Let’s get the hardcore Star Wars to work the specific styles of Jedi and Sith lightsaber skills and train a bunch of Fencers or folks who have some weapon based experience in said style, then boom!

All we have to do is create some proper functioning lightsabers and we’ve got a Lightsaber battle league, though I’m sure we’d have to work out some sort of safety gear…

Duel Monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh! – Yes, that’s right, not all sports should be about sweating or getting up early and having to get dirty on a cold field. That’s right, it should be about playing a nonsense card game on the back of motorbike going a high speed.

I mean anyone can play Yu-Gi-Oh! at a table or with those Duel Disks whilst yelling at each other dramatically across a room. It does however take real skill to this all on the back of a motorcycle.

Just imagine how much hair gel you need to maintain those hairstyles…

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