Last night, Valve Founder Game Newell took to reddit to take part in an AmA where he revealed that Valve is working on a brand new game in the Half-Life / Portal universe.

According to Newell this new game won’t be like their last release, The Lab, which was set in the Portal Universe but was more of a tech demo than anything. Instead this new game will be a “fully-fledged” single-player title.

Newell, a man of very little words, began by simply answering “yes” to the question of whether Valve were working on a new fully fledged single player game. However, things started to get a little more interesting when he was asked whether it’d take place in the Half-Life / Portal universe…

His response: “Yep”.

As you might expect, at this point details are pretty thin, all we know is that it’ll be a new IP set in the Half-Life / Portal universe (so not Half-Life 3) and will be a single player affair. Interestingly later in the AmA, Newell does touch upon a question about Valve making a full VR game for the Vive to which he answered, “Yes. We think VR is pretty important as a tool for interesting games.” So that’s something…

You can read the full AmA right here.



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