Galactic Junk League

There is an exuberant freedom in designing your own weapon of doom. Yeah, go ahead and pop three missile launchers on top. That’s totally fine. About eight turbo engines on the back, hell yeah. Sure you won’t be able to turn at all, but you know how fast you’ll go?? This is the spirit which drives games such as Robocraft (dubbed “Crafter Arenas”), and that same blood runs thick through Galactic Junk League.

Galactic Junk League entices you to dive deep into a pile of garbage and create a combat-worthy vessel, preparing for PvP combat. Navigating your construction in 3D space is intuitive, and in no time you will find yourself smashing into enemy combatants and whipping torpedoes throughout debris scattered space. All of this is deftly explained in a 10-15 minute tutorial, and before you know it you are prepped and ready to dive headfirst into competitive combat.

The open-ended combat pits one team of junk-heaps against another, in varied environments such as desert canyons, orbital space stations, ice-laden mountains, and more. While the theaters of combat are diverse, the only element of relevance would be the obstructions of lines of sight. You can boost forward behind a wall, pop out and barrage the enemy. Rather than hitting the gas, you can also use a warp drive to teleport forward by equipping various Abilities to your spacecraft. Whether they be stuns, damage boosts, speed boosts, etc, there are plenty of unique ways to pair these abilities up with the differing weapon categories of lazers, missiles, and flak cannons.

Grand ships such as these are few and far inbetween.

As you might surmise, the fun in Galactic Junk League is limited primarily by your imagination. Drafting up strategies and new ways to utilize various spacecraft, or even counter other strategies, is where the majority of the entertainment comes from. The competitive matches thrive on this, though as of the time of this writing it is hampered by a stagnant metagame. Though you can craft your heap of junk however you choose, it won’t change the fact that a large amount of the other players will be using an extremely similar design to their ships. Boxes with guns on ’em. Low defense, high speed, and high power. When 80% of the combatants in any match feature a nearly identical loadout, it invalidates many opposing playstyles. Sure you CAN build a tanky frieghter and try and lay down suppressing fire from afar, but you can’t reach them and by the time they get close enough, they’re all up in your face and you’re covered in missiles and dead. Hopefully the variation will be improved for full release.

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