Get to Know Naruto and Sasuke Before the Road to Boruto Expansion

We’ve got less than a month until Boruto comes Naruto Ninja Storm 4 in an expansion which will tell the tale of the next generation of ninjas dealing with the trial of tribulations that will face The Hidden Leaf.

With that in mind here’s your chance to get know some the characters that will feature in the expansion pack. This week we’ll take a look at Naruto and Sasuke.

These two ninjas have a long history together after Sasuke went rogue in a quest to avenge his family and Naruto vowed to bring his best friend home and away from the dark side.


Get to Know Naruto and Sasuke Before the Road to Boruto Expansion - n3rdabl3


You could almost describe Naurto as Japan’s answer to Harry Potter. Naruto’s parents were very accomplished ninjas who gave their lives saving The Hidden Leaf Village from a powerful fox demon by sealing him inside of Naruto. This lead the now-orphan to be shunned and ignored by the villagers.

Naruto may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he makes up for that by never giving up and fulfilling his dream on becoming the Hokage, the leader of The Hidden Leaf.

In over 700 chapters Naruto went from an annoying prankster lashing out the world to the hero of the world. Eventually, Naruto had kids of his own. His eldest, Boruto, has a strained relationship with his father because he’s always busy.

Though Naruto has a good excuse… He is in charge of The Hidden Leaf Village, or as he’s better known, The Hokage.


Get to Know Naruto and Sasuke Before the Road to Boruto Expansion - n3rdabl3


Did you go to school with someone who was so naturally gifted that they were really good at everything? Well, that’s Sasuke, the brooding heartthrob of the Hidden Leaf.

Sasuke was paired with Naruto after they graduated from their ninja training. Sasuke was closed book, mostly because his older brother slaughtered his entire family for seemingly no good reason.

When the rouge ninja, Orochimaru offers Sasuke more power to finally kill his brother, he leaves the Hidden Leaf behind and breaks the heart of Naruto.

On his own, Sasuke finds out more and more about his family’s destruction eventually discovering that his brother only did it for the greater good, since their family planned to take over the Hidden Leaf.

Eventually, Sasuke redeemed himself, and after a climatic showdown with Naruto, he was pardoned for actions. Sasuke became a grifter until he took on an apprentice called Boruto…

So there you have it, two of the characters you’ll find in the upcoming Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto DLC launches on February 4.