Monopoly, a game which can split up even the most strongest family, even down to choosing the playing pieces can become a free for all as no one wants to be left with the iron. However, what if you could replace that with, say, the cry laughing emoji? Well that’s exactly what Hasbro is doing.

That’s right, Hasbro is holding a poll for players to vote for the next Monopoly pieces, you can choose anything from the classic car to the wheelbarrow to a dinosaur, a rubber duck, and of course, a series of popular Emoji.

Before you grab your pitchforks, it’s worth noting that this vote is for an upcoming spin-off called Token Madness where the “madness” comes from us choosing the tokens. Whether the game has any other differences to the classic game remains to be seen.

In total, aside from the eight current game tokens, there’s fifty new pieces to choose from with a handful of face Emojis (sadly, there’s no poo Emoji) as well as other items like Turtles, Penguins, old-school mobile phones, computers, hashtags, and more.

Players have until January 31 to vote for their favourites with the winning tokens to be announced on March 19.

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