Here is a Better Look at the Nintendo Switch UI

Developer Nicalis Inc have shown off some more of the Nintendo Switch’s UI. In a picture posted to their Twitter page they showed off the home screen of the Switch. Now the Tweet has been deleted but there are some important take always within the image which you can view below.

Firstly, the image shows a black version of the home screen which might mean we can the addition of themes or at least colour options available on the Switch, much like the Nintendo 3DS. The image also shows a number of titles on the home screen which include The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Plus along with 1001 Spikes and Cave Story.

Now both of the latter titles have not been confirmed yet for the Nintendo Switch but this image is a pretty big hint to it.

Here is a Better Look at the Nintendo Switch UI - n3rdabl3

Moving back to the UI, we have not seen a lot of it since the announcement of the Switch. The image gives us a bit more of a detailed look at it included what looks to be software in a suspended state. As mentioned, this Switch has a black background where as all official material has shown it in white. Not only that but under 1001 Spikes we can see a ‘change user’ prompt. Could this mean that the Switch will have different user accounts that allow for switching without needing to close a game? It could very well be but sadly, until we get an official comment on it we can all but only guess.

YouTube user Arekkz Gaming also allows us to have a bit more of a detailed look at the Nintendo Switch’s UI. In the below video, he looks through the UI and talks about what each element might be and what we could expect. It is a nice look at the UI and his comments help us to get a bigger picture of what to expect.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, 2017.