Ben Affleck is taking a while to get his Batman movie going. So how about we try to do something with Batman Nolan movies again? How could you keep that flame going? Well, I’ve got an idea and short lame fan fiction pitch to entertain you with.

We start off with confirming that Bruce Wayne is dead. Give some legitimacy to the fan theory that Alfred is just imagining seeing Bruce at the cafe at the end of the Dark Knight Rises. Jump forward a couple of years. It’s the near future, so you can get away with some more advanced technology, though it’s all realistic and fits the tone of the series.

Gotham has been turned into a police state thanks to the Dent Laws and new legislation introduced after the Dark Knight Rises to prevent anything like the Bane incident happening ever again. Crime is low thanks to surveillance laws and the police being militarised, and having more powers.

These powers can get abused with free speech being sacrificed for safety. Unpopular opinions are silenced, especially during elections. The economy is strong as the laws are used to the beneficial businesses and shut down any businesses that is going against the bigger agenda.

This is being manipulated by Hush, who is impersonating Bruce Wayne and has taken control of Wayne Industries. Using these funds, he charges villains to do his bidding and he funds the state to promote his twisted agenda and distract everyone from his plans.

Super villains exist. Though they kind of act like freedom fighters, with huge character flaws. They fight against an unjust system. They rob banks but they also expose government corruption and promote freedom of speech.The biggest leader is in this is The Riddler. A hacker and terrorist, who likes to expose the government, rob banks and take money unknowingly from Hush.

The Batman urban myth continued because of John Blake acting in the shadows with the aid of his three Knight-wings. His three Knight-wings include orphaned Chinese acrobat, Dick Grayson, hacktivist Tim Drake, and Jason Todd, a child he knew back at the orphanage he grew up at. Blake continued the war on crime and against people like the Riddler and other villains. However, Blake died a year ago taking down a cult terrorist cell of the Mad Hatter because of a suicide bombing.

When former Commissioner Gordon dies due to cancer, estranged daughter, Barbara Gordon must return to Gotham to attend his lonely funeral. She meets sleazy Commissioner Harvey Bullock who blindly follows the orders of the Court of Owls local government administration, who are looking to cleanse Gotham and create a paradise for the rich and useful.

Little does anyone know, Barbara has been working abroad as a black ops spy for the government taking down dictators and bad guys. She has become well traveled picking up many skills along the way working as part of the Bird of Prey unit of the CIA. She is fired when she kills a dictator that is sympathetic to the West, making ends meet with shady back alley MMA fights.

Tracking down a back alley tournament in Gotham. She takes part. The fight is broken up by the police. She manages to escape but she encounters the Knight-Wings, who are lost without Batman. Curious about the Knight-Wings, and disliking what Gotham has become, she tracks them down.

She offers to join them. Her plan; to become Batman. Someone she was inspired by as a child. She fights back against the system and struggles to know what to do next, with many villains and plots points for loads of sequels that can be used.

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