You realise we’re going to get more Harry Potter stuff no matter what right? Well, how about things get a little weird if Harry met another established British icon of fiction, like James Bond?

What brought on this idea? Well have you ever read that Young Bond graphic novel Silverfin? I have and it was really good. I was expecting some sugar coated Alex Rider clone, but instead, I got a dark and compelling science fiction tale about a young James Bond living in a tough early 20th Century world.

Few people actually know that the Harry Potter books are set in the earlier 20th century. I think the last book takes place during the late 90s. Just an interesting fact. So how about this for a nonsense pitch: What if a young James Bond is set undercover to infiltrate Hogwarts or maybe another magic school?

Think about it, what if MI5 or MI6 get word of a mysterious school that is teaching magic and they think it’s dangerous to society? For arguments sake. Let’s say that they get wind of the secretive school of Durmstrang and that an evil mastermind son is attending the school.

They need someone to get close and find up what evil master plan the family is cooking up. Bond accepts to offer since they blackmail and offer him a better life than being a lonely orphan?

Cue James Bond. Since science fiction has already been introduced in Young Bond. What if they use some science to make it look like James is a wizard? A young Bond get’s into the school. He finds it tough initially, but he finally wins the respect of peers and teachers.

Then he finds out what the bad guys plan is, maybe throw in some references to the main series of Harry Potter to keep the fans interested?

If it doesn’t upset the continuity too much, maybe a young Voldemort could show up? Or maybe that could help reboot the series? Well, all know what Warner Bros. have thought about since the films ended.

Maybe Eddie Redmayne shows up? Then to preserve the serious maybe James has his mind wiped along with anyone else with knowledge of this to keep the wizarding world safe?

Maybe you should wipe your mind of this too, just in case.

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