Let’s face it, the Xbox One Dashboard is a bit shit. While it’s not quite the cluster fuck it once was, it’s still overly complicated and unnecessarily busy. Fortunately Microsoft are working on making it a little better with a new Xbox One Guide that hopes to put everything we need in one place.

While we may have only just got to grips with the new Dashboard, Microsoft is changing it up once again. The company unveiled last week that they’re going to rebuild the Xbox One Dashboard with a focus on speed, allowing us to access the things we actually want to access, quickly.

Head of platform engineering for Xbox, Mike Ybarra, has revealed what this new rebuilt Dashboard will look like as well as how the new Xbox One Guide will work, albeit slightly briefly during a stream, check it out below (courtesy of Windows Central):

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In addition to this new update, various other features are set to come to the new Xbox One update this Spring such as an Achievement tracking overlay, the return of the Gamerscore leaderboard, music controls, and a new Cortana design.

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