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Heroes & Generals finally launched out of Early Access last year and since then have managed to rack up an impressive 10 million registered users. To celebrate, Reto-Moto have unveiled their plans for 2017, and there are some exciting things in store for players.

Having launched out of Early Access a little over three months ago, the developers have been hard at work further supporting the game and have released two updates, “XP for Friends”, and “Warbird and Tail Gunners”, and the updates aren’t stopping there.

With the news that the game has 10 million registered players, Reto-Moto have kicked off an event where players can take part in 10 different contests with a total prize sum of 10 million in-game credits.

“Reaching 10 million players is an important milestone for all of us at Reto-Moto, and it is a great inspiration to us having such a large dedicated community,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto. “Launching really was only the beginning for us, and we have a lot of great content, features and improvements planned for Heroes & Generals in 2017 that I just can’t wait for the fans to get their hands on.”

In addition, 2017 will see a ton of frequent updates coming to the game, with new planes, vehicles, and equipment due to be added. There’ll also be a number of new maps coming later this year too.


You can hear more about the future of Heroes & Generals in their latest DevStream which you can watch here:

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