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I think we all have fond memories of the film Labyritnth which starred the late, great, David Bowie as  Jareth, the Goblin King. Both the film, the puppetry, and the overall story was fascinating, and while we can enjoy the film even today, there’s nothing quite experiencing your own Labyrinth adventure.

While not everyone has the ability to wish away our little brothers to Jareth and then decide it was all a huge mistake so we have to navigate through the maze in order to find them, there is Weta Workshop’s Labyrinth Board Game sculpture.

In a recent episode of Tested, Adam Savage’s YouTube Series, Savage takes an in-depth look at Weta Workshop sculptor Johnny Fraser-Allen’s board game inspired by Jim Henson and George Lucas’ classic ’80s film, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Featuring an insanely elaborate yet incredibly detailed maze, which is apparently set to be the size of an entire room, and miniatures based on the characters from the film, including Sarah, Jareth, and of course Ludo, this has to be the board game to end all board games, right?

Check it out:

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Is the board game going on sale, well we’re unsure right now as it seems to be a sort of passion project. That being said, there is another Labyrinth board game which launched last year.

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