Sony and Guerrilla Games have unleashed a brand new cinematic trailer for their upcoming game, Horizon: Zero Dawn, which gives us an extended look at the game in action as well as some of the friends and foes Aloy will encounter in the game.

The trailer opens up fairly ominously with Aloy, clearly injured, discovering that members of her tribe have been killed. Unfortunately for Aloy, this was “only the beginning”. As any good tribes member would do Aloy goes in search of her tribe’s attackers, a masked bunch of ne’erdowells.

These masked villains however have a strange power over robotic machines powerful enough to take control of even the friendliest of mechanical beast.

Thankfully Aloy isn’t alone as we get to see one of the many friendly characters Aloy will encounter in the game, a character voiced by Lance Reddick who calls himself an “interested party.” What role will he play in Aloys mission of revenge? Who knows.

Check out the trailer below:

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Horizon: Zero Dawn launches on PlayStation 4 on February 28.

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