The latest in a long running series of fantastic JRPG’s is almost here and its latest entry, Tales of Berseria, looks to be the best yet.

With that in mind we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you, the reader, to some of the characters you will encounter within the game. This includes some of the party members who will join you in battle and more. The Tales series is known for its interest cast of characters and Tales of Berseria is no different.

So, with that in mind lets drive right in and get to know some of the characters within Tales of Berseria.

Velvet Crowe:

The central protagonist of the game. Velvet Crowe and the first female protagonist in the series, Velvet Crowe is a striking character. A few years before the start of the game she was victim to a horrible event that left her arm in a daemon state. Filled with anger and hatred she was captured and imprisoned for three years by non-other than her own brother-in-law. Three years later and now the age of 19, Velvet Crowe escapes the imprisonment and is on a journey to take her revenge.

Being able to use her new-found power to devour other daemons Velvet Crowe has a great weight within her arm. Now a angry and bitter person, she was once a warm and happy girl whose life was joyful. Though she might be a changed woman now she is still human and this can be seen throughout the story of Tales of Berseria.


In Tales of Berseria there exists a race known as Malak. The Malakim race are a tribe of spiritual beings. Due to the events that took place three years prior to the game, humans are able to see the Malak and in turn enslaved them. Eiezen is one of these Malak who is in fact a 1000-year-old even if he has the appearance of a 30-year-old. As the vice-captain of a pirate group he is a man of his own beliefs and is on a quest to find a lost friend. He is well informed and knowledgeable of the underworld and though he might seem relaxed on the surface. He is known as the daemon that brings misfortune.

He is also able to unleash his power in the form of giant wings which reach out of his back. This move, known as the Dragonic Drive, allows him to fly temporarily and take on a fast and powerful daemon state. Eiezan is often referred to as The Reaper due to this nature.

Eleanor Hume:

As a member of the Abby and therefore an Exorcist by day, Eleanor Hume is a kindhearted and compassionate woman. Though she hunts and fights daemons she remains friendly with everyone. She even has run-ins with Velvet Crowe before a series of events leave the two at an impasse and must join together to continue forward. Though she is different by nature and personality to the rest of the group, her relationships with the characters is interesting and powerful as she learns to live with them.

Her fighting style leads up to learn some powerful aerial moves that allow her to knock enemies into the air and eventually further moves to follow them up. Once airborne she is able to perform strong combo attacks that wreck huge amounts of damage onto the poor victim. She might be kind and friendly on the surface but don’t let your guard down in a fight against Eleanor Hume.


A mysterious woman who calls herself a “great sorceress” and the “Head of Menagerie”. Magilou is a woman of two sides who is an extrovert who is very chatty but, holds a sinister and mysterious side. Though not much is known about her she is valued member of the party even if she might have her own motives that are unclear at first. She drops subtle hints and comments that point to a truly heartless and evil nature. Though she might like things slip at times and hold a chatty outlook she is definitely fitting for the title of “witch”.

As to be expected she uses a range of powerful magic to aid her in battle. Being a trickster is able to perform some interesting actions in battle and is a key member of the party. She can even use her Break Soul to absorb the spells of enemies and then fire them right back at her.

Rokurou Rangetsu:

A party would not be complete without a sword user. Welcome Rokurou Rangetsu, a young man with a happy-go-lucky nature about him. Though he is only 22 in age and human he is, like Velvet, part daemon. Thankfully he still maintains his sense of reason and humanity. Being from outside the continent his unusual appearance and style are that of a family line that he looks to carry forward. He might also carry a huge sword on his back but he prefers to cut down foes using two smaller blades for quick attacks.

He might be a strong team member but never forget that he is kind and cheerful. Looking after though around him. It is with that in mind that he is a good match for Velvet Crowe who is follows around due to a debt he owes her.

Artorius Collbrande:

The primary antagonist in Tales of Berseria and the person behind Velvet’s imprisonment is Artorius Collbrande. Brother-in-law to the main character he is now the head of the Abby and is seen as the savior by the general populace. However, during the events that took place three years ago Artorius Collbrande killed the younger brother of Velvet Crowe, using him as a sacrifice. He then captured and imprisoned Velvet afterwards and thus became hated by her. Artorius Collbrande is also a refined man who, as a leader, favors reason over emotion and teaches this to his students as a primary battle tactic. He is respected, but also hated.

So, that concludes our quick look and introduction to some of the main characters you can expect to find into Tales of Berseria. There are many more and a host of interesting NPCs that you will also encounter along your journey. The world in Tales of Berseria is large with plenty to do and see all with a story that should match.

Tales of Berseria is out on January 27th for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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