LucidSound, the company behind what could be considered by favourite gaming headset at the moment, has announced that it’ll be offering officially-licensed audio products for Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Having launched its first product in March, LucidSound has come along in leaps and bounds above what could be considered a crowded gaming peripheral market with headsets that not only look incredibly high quality, but also sound fantastic too.

This new license will allow LucidSound to bring headsets to the market tailored specifically to the Xbox One and will join their current roster of three headsets, the LS20, the LS 30, and the LS40.

“The Xbox brand is synonymous with premium gaming and delivering experiences unmatched in interactive entertainment. We can now specifically develop and engineer audio products for the Xbox family of devices, and couldn’t be prouder to be partnering with Microsoft to deliver the next generation of audio to eager fans,” said Chris Von Huben, CEO of LucidSound. “The LucidSound range of products have captured the imagination of gamers, distinguishing themselves from competitors through modern aesthetics, innovative controls and unrivalled audio performance. We’re excited to take our expertise to the Xbox audience and believe that today’s announcement will be a major source of growth for our company in the years ahead.”

More detail surrounding these headsets are expected to arrive soon. Until then, you can always check out what we thought of the LS20.

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