I’m getting giddy.

A few days ago, we got two new trailers for Mass Effect: Andromeda which gave us a little more information on the story (a new bad guy!) and a lot of new information about the characters we’ll be trying to romance during our foray in to the unknown.

We’re first introduced to Alec Ryder, the Pathfinder for our mission and who seems to be the big cheese of the operation. He’s high ranking, wearing that lovely N7 logo on his chest, a skilled soldier and apparently a brilliant scientist. Alec is the Father of the two playable characters in the game, which kind of makes me think he’s a goner from the outset.

Liam Costa is the Crisis Response Specialist aboard the ship. Now I’m not quite sure what that is; it’s either going to be the calm negotiator of the group or the person who fires first and asks questions later. Liam’s described as an idealist, which still doesn’t shed any more light on his open fire policy. In all seriousness, he looks cool and the trailer shows him kicking all sorts of ass, so that’s fine by me.

Alec’s kids Scott & Sarah Ryder appear next, they’re not totally green as I expected as they’ve both just finished various tours around the galaxy. No word on wether they’ll be customisable just yet. The trailers show Scott being pretty cocksure in the face of danger, echoes of the Avengers reverberated in my head with his ‘I don’t need an army, I’ve got a Krogan’ line.

Cora Harper is the voice of this particular trailer, she’s the Operations Specialist of the squad and a Biotic to boot. Seems to have a level head on her shoulders and a lovely haircut to match.

The last crew member we’re introduced to is S.A.M, (s)he’s the A.I that is connected to every member of the squad, an attempt to give them a tactical advantage in the field with  enhanced situation awareness, problem solved and I’m told even technical enhancements. Fancy!

There are a few more members of the team that we aren’t officially introduced to, maybe that will come a later date. There’s a Krogan who loves to punch people in the face (what Krogan doesn’t, amirite!), an Asari, what looks like a female Turian and the pilot (seems important).

Last but not least; the baddie looks like Groot. Just sayin’.

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