Microsoft is Killing off the Snap Feature on Xbox One

When Microsoft introduces the new Dashboard later this year players will notice that one pretty useful feature is missing: Snap mode. Microsoft has revealed that with the new Dashboard the Snap feature will no longer remain.

With the removal, that now means players won’t be able to use the console’s TV functions while playing games, nor will they easily be able to access Twitch options while streaming through the console, among other things.

In an effort to improve speed and multitasking it seems Microsoft is going back to basics to make things a lot less complicated for its users. Xbox One players know that the dashboard has become increasingly complicated to navigate so this is great news. Though it of course comes with a few sacrifices, like the Snap mode.

On Twitter, Xbox Platform head Mike Ybarra said:

It’s worth noting that Ybarra said that they’re “replacing” Snap, not removing it completely and that “bigger things” are coming, though we’re not entirely sure what that means right now, though rumours suggest that the company may opt for a picture-in-picture mode.

Xbox One preview members have started testing the new Dashboard though it’s only half of what’s expected to arrive later this year. Microsoft is expected to release the update around the same time they launch the Windows 10 Creators Update this April.