Microsoft is Trying to Erase Scalebound, Cancellation “Better for Xbox Gamers”

Lets face it, the shock announcement that Platinum Games’ upcoming ambitious dragon-focused RPG, Scalebound, has been cancelled and that Microsoft and the famed studio would be parting ways, was enough. But now it seems Microsoft is trying to remove all trace of the game from its own channels… But why?

Following the announcement that Scalebound was cancelled and the two studios would be parting ways, many started to notice that Microsoft had started to remove all traces of the game from its websites. Of course, what kicked the rumour mill off was indeed the game being missing from the company’s upcoming 2017 hype slate, but to then actively remove videos from YouTube, that’s a bit much.

Although we’re yet to know the reasoning behind this, it’s likely due to a licencing issue, maybe? Perhaps Platinum Games still owns the Scalebound IP? Will we be seeing a version of Scalebound in the future? Who knows. Right now all we know is that videos have been removed and the game no longer exists to Microsoft.

On the Microsoft front, Phil Spencer has chimed in on the news with a fairly interesting quote over on Twitter in response to a fan question:

Good for Xbox gamers how? Because we’re getting used to disappointment early? Oh boy, what does Microsoft have in store for us this year?