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I received my first instrument back in 2002. It was a Tanglewood Fender P-style bass guitar that’d been some how hidden from me until Christmas morning. Music has always been a big part of my life and learning to play an instrument was just an extension of of that love, however not everyone in my household was a fan of me plucking the low-end.

In comes Christmas 2003 where I was once again surprised with an instrument, this time a Cruiser (by Crafter) Ibanez-syle guitar. There was one problem though, being a fan of metal meant that because as I only had a bass amp, I needed something to make my ordinary clean electric guitar to sound louder and crunchier.

Later that week I headed to my local music shop and purchased my first effects pedal, the Boss DS-1, and from here I started to fall in love with pedals.

Love them or hate them, Boss have always been a staple company when it comes to effects pedals and stomp boxes. While some aren’t a fan of their sounds, many can agree that these pedals are incredibly durable and can survive a beating for decades. Hell, I’d still have my DS-1 if an old friend didn’t “borrow” it and never returned it.

Having relied on a multi-effects pedal for years, I’ve recently fallen back in love with having a collection of individual pedals, and while I don’t have the disposable income for hundreds of different popular and bespoke pedals, I still can’t help but drool over the possibilities.

Anyway, 2017 marks a pretty huge milestone for Boss who enters its fortieth year of providing long-lasting stomp boxes and to celebrate they’re launching a limited edition version of its most iconic pedal, the DS-1.

While it’s practically identical compared to the original in terms of what the pedal can offer, the look of this pedal is just mean. The gaudy orange paintwork has gone in favour of a stunning all-black with gold lettering and gold inlays on the dials. They’ve also added a vintage silver thumb screw for the battery, as well as a limited 40th Anniversary box.

Of course, while the DS-1 is the most iconic pedal, it wasn’t actually launched until 1978. However it comes as part of the first waves of pedals from Boss including the OD-1 Overdrive pedal, the Spectrum SP-1, and the Phaser PH-1, among others.

The DS-1-4A will be available this year only, and it seems there’s currently no limit on how many pedals will be available. What’s more, it’s not actually that bad a price either as you can currently pre-order one of these babies for £58.

Whether you’re a fan of Boss pedals or not, you can definitely appreciate how far the company has come and the sheer depth of their library of available effects for both guitarists and bass players.

Happy 40th to Boss’s line of compact pedals.

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