n3rdabl3’s Favourite Swords from Nerd Culture

Swords… Who doesn’t love a good sword? Be it in a video game or film, the world of nerd culture is full of some amazing swords. So here at n3rdabl3 we thought we would put together a list of some of our favourite swords from across a range of medias.

From video games of our childhood to the long lost anime’s of yesterday, we thought long and hard to put together a list of swords that would be an impressive arsenal if we could have them all.

Now this list is not in any given order and all the weapons listed are on the same level as each other in terms of our favourite. We thought about swords that stood the test of time and had an impression on us that still stands today. You might not know them all but you will surely know some of them. So without future delay let’s look at what swords made the cut! Awful pun, I know.

20Buster Sword – Final Fantasy VII

19Red Queen – Devil May Cry 4

18Soul Reaver – Legacy of Kain

17Trunks Sword – Dragon Ball Z

16High-Frequency Blade – Metal Gear Solid Rising

15Master Sword – The Legend of Zelda

14Falchion – Fire Emblem Awakening

13Gunblade – Final Fantasy VIII

12The Sword of Omens – Thundercats

11The Power Sword – He Man

10Soul Edge – Soulcalibur

9Ten Commandments – Rave Master

8Harusame / Amidamaru – Shaman King

7Z-Saber – Megaman Zero

6Machete – Jason Voorhees

5Power Sword – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

4Bowie Knife – Rambo III

3Dual Long Knives – The Lord of the Rings

2Edward Elric’s Arm Blade – Fullmetal Alchemist

1The Needle – Game of Thrones