NES Classic Edition mod

While Nintendo think piling in over 30 classic games inside the NES Classic Edition is enough, modders have other thoughts as someone has managed to jimmy even more games into the microconsole.

In order to add more bang for your buck, all you need to do is simply upload your console’s memory to a PC, add some extra ROM files, and download it onto your console, simple!

Of course, this throws things into a shady legal grey area as it’s considered illegal to download and play these ROMs. Not only that it seems that there’s the potential to brick your console if you don’t do it correctly, turning your NES Classic Edition into nothing more than an NES paperweight.

It’s sadly not a quick process either which you can read here. If done correctly, you can add upto 30 additional games onto the console, and some modders have made a more efficient way to swap games in and out of the console to get past this limit.

Seeing as the NES Classic Edition is a “what you see is what you get” product this is sadly the only method to add other games to the microconsole, which admittedly is a shame.

Of course, with no online connection, modders are free to continue to do this to the NES Classic Edition, that is until Nintendo implement changes to models in production.


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