Berserk Awakening Screenshots #1

Fans of hideous monsters, sadistic violence and likable characters having to enact or suffer said violence are about to get a Warriors-themed treat next month when Berserk and the Band of the Hawk bursts onto the scene on February 24.

As such, Koei Tecmo have released a few new details about the playable characters’ unique abilities, with some suitably gory screenshots to accompany them.

Players will be able to deploy their character’s unique “Awakening” ability during battle that drastically increases their power for a short period of time. Judging by the new screenshots this usually takes the form of some sort of transformation – for example Guts can use his Berserker armour to unleash huge blows, Zodd can turn into his giant minotaur-like Apostle form and Griffith… well…

That’s right, Griffith’s Awakening ability is to transform into his alter ego, the immensely powerful and unspeakably evil God Hand member Femto. Anyone who knows anything about Berserk will know what Femto turning up to a battle probably means.

Speaking of Femto, am I the only one hoping that Casca will be able to get a bit of vengeance in this game? C’mon, Omega Force, you guys love making “What if?” missions!

Looks like fans of the classic anime will be in for a bloody good time.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk will be released for PS4, PC and PlayStation Vita on the 24th of February.

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