Funcom have unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming open-world survival sandbox game, Conan Exiles, which launches into Early Access on January 31. That’s not all however, as they’ve also announced launch timing as well as a Special Edition version of the game.

Those of us keen to dive into the world of Conan Exiles as soon as humanly possible will be able to do so as soon as January 31 at 6AM European time, meaning those on the West Coast of the US can jump in a little sooner at 9PM on January 30. To celebrate the final week countdown and the release time announcement a brand new cinematic trailer for the game has been released which looks epic.

For those yet to experience Conan Exiles, this video is a perfect example of how cutthroat the world, in which players need to survive, will be.

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In addition to the new trailer, Funcom has also announced the Conan Exiles – Barbarian Edition, a special edition that’ll include some exclusive items like a Conan Exiles t-shirt, Six digital Conan the Avenger comic books from Dark Horse Comics, a 368 page, full-color, digital Conan Pen & Paper RPG Core Book from the hugely successful Kickstarter by Modiphius, and so much more.

More information on the Barbarian Edition can be found on the Steam Store page where players will also be able to find the recently announced Early Access pricing for the game. The standard edition will be priced at $29.99 while the Barbarian Edition is priced at $59.99.


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