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I’ll be honest, despite my absolute love for Pixar, I’ve avoided the Cars series (and let’s not even talk about Planes), something I’m quickly starting to regret as we start to see more of the upcoming Cars 3.

The first trailer which launched last year had many people questioning what could have happened to Lightning McQueen after what looked to be a pretty horrific accident for our four-wheeled hero. Now, with this new extended look trailer, things aren’t over, but they could be…

It looks like there’s a new kid on the block which hopes to show these old timer a thing or two about modern racing. Of course, McQueen takes a bit of a tumble which could end his career forever, or could it?

Is McQueen the underdog in this title? Does he have a fighting chance against this new blood? I mean, it’s a Disney film, of course he does.

Check it out:

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