Shut up and take my money. These are the only words that ran through my head as I played through the recently release Nier: Automata demo. As a game I’ve been interested in since it’s announcement it was a pleasant holiday surprise to get to a demo ahead of its March release. After playing through the demo a few times now I can say with confidence that Nier: Automata is now one of my most anticipated games of 2017.

Though only a small taste of what the full game will offer the demo gives us a strong look at how Nier: Automata will once the full game is in our hands. That said there is much more the developers have to give us as we know that side quests and deeper RPG elements will be present. The demo has these locked for the moment but honestly your focus should be on the gameplay more than anything. As an action RPG you will spend your time hacking and slashing through enemies with a number of creative moves. The demo will allow you to battle with two weapons, a companion pod that shoots and towards the end a flying suit. All of which makes for some interesting and enjoyable combat.

The most exciting feature of the gameplay within the Nier: Automata demo though is how the perspective changes to allow for new gameplay experiences. It’s a seamless and smooth change of perspective that allows for the controls to adapt to match the new viewpoint. This allows for Nier: Automata to feel like a third person hack and slash one moment and then next a bullet hell game on crack. The core combat mechanics mixed with this perspective really do allow Nier: Automata to be a promising game when it comes to gameplay.

Presentation is on point in the Nier: Automata demo as well with a solid framerate and performance throughout. The washed out colours of the rusted factory create a nice backdrop for the colourful player characters. Effects fill the screen to ensure weight behind each action and make you feel a sense of power. Here is hoping that the strong performance and stunning visuals continue across to the main game. Which also looks to have a range of environments and not just be washed out browns and greys. More importantly is the extra features that will be included in the full game. Side quests, unlocks, upgrades, weapon stories and so much more. Nier: Automata is also said to have a number of paths and endings which should give the game a lot of replay value.

Lastly Nier: Automata looks to carry an interesting story. With the demo only focusing on the task of destroying a large scale machine which ends with a stunning battle. Being in the same universe as Nier and the Drakengard series fans both new and old can surely find plenty to get hooked on. The ending to the demo leads to so many questions as well with the events making me more excited for the full game’s release. Why have these machines taken over? What happened in the old world? Why are androids like 2B and other cast members. Director Taro Yoko will surely make the story of Neir: Automata one that stands out and is memorable. Considering his work on the past Nier game and Drakengard series being the standard that will be met.

If nothing else the Nier: Automata demo gets me excited not just for the release of the title but the return of PlatinumGames. After a few disappointing titles, Nier: Automata feels like Platinum are returning to what made them a fantastic developer. With titles such as Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising being examples of what Nier: Automata feels like. The sense of power, mystery and seamless action through a range of perspectives allow for the game to feel fresh and familiar. Add to that a control scheme that can be fully customised and you look to be set to a strong title.

The Nierr: Automata demo may be short and sweet but if there was ever a demo to get the hype train moving it’s here. PlatinumGames have brought their renowned style back with Neir: Automata and if there is any game you should keep an eye on in 2017 it’s this one.

The Nier: Automata demo is available now.

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