Nintendo Switch

If you reside in New York and plan to grab yourself a Nintendo Switch as soon as humanly possible, then there’s some good news for you. Nintendo has revealed that it’ll accepting a limited number of pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch on Friday, January 13, in their New York City store.

Starting at 9AM ET, hopeful gamers can attempt to pre-order the console, though they better be quick as Nintendo has noted that there will be a “limited quantity” of pre-orders available “while supplies last”.

Of course Nintendo being the marketing geniuses that they are will likely see way too much demand for the product than they can handle and pre-orders will likely sell out in a matter of minutes. Y’know, just like they’ve been handling the NES Classic Edition.

Nintendo is set to hold a live-stream for the Switch later this evening (or 4AM tomorrow morning for those of us in the UK) where they’re expected to announce the console’s release date, pricing, and much more.


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