Nintendo Switch Pricing and Release Date Announced

It’s that time you’ve been waiting for. Nintendo has unveiled the pricing and release date for their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, and guess what? We don’t have too long to wait!

During Nintendo’s dedicated Switch Direct Broadcast earlier this morning the company had a whole host of information to throw at us, however the most important of all is the console’s release date and cost.

Previous rumours suggested that the console could launch at around £200 based on direct Yen to GBP conversions, however that wasn’t the case at all as Nintendo unveiled that the basic model of the Nintendo Switch will cost £279.99. In North America the console will be priced at $299.99, and in Japan it’ll cost ¥29,980

As for when you’ll be able to get your hands on the console, the European release date is set at March 3.

During the broadcast Nintendo also revealed that it’ll be dropping its free multiplayer and will instead opt for a paid subscription not unlike Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. Online play will however remain free until Autumn.

Probably one of the best announcements however was that the Nintendo Switch will be dropping region locking meaning players can purchase and play games from other territories on their console, regardless of their region.

Other little factoids include; upto eight system sync for local multiplayer; it’ll feature a 720p capacitive touch screen, it’ll last around 2.5-6.5 hours on battery alone but can be charged with USB while playing.


Retailers have since opened up pre-orders for the console, but in typical Nintendo fashion there likely won’t be enough to go around, at least not until the Summer.