Nintendo Switch Rumoured to be Cheaper than the Wii U

Here’s some news that may please or disappoint you, depending on where you stand. Apparently the Nintendo Switch will cost around ¥25,000 according to a new report, which puts its UK price at around the £180 mark.

According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, who’s usually pretty spot-on with Nintendo rumours, the Nintendo Switch will cost less than the basic 8GB Wii U which retailed in Japan for around ¥26,250 when it initially launched.

Before you go celebrating or stomping your feet, however, it’s worth noting that the translation makes it seem like this is more of a ballpark figure than an accurate sale price. Though we all know how easily ballpark figures can change.

Of course, when have we ever seen a product be priced as a direct conversion of its original US/Japanese RRP? Hardly ever. So chances are the Switch, even if it costs ¥25,000 in Japan, will likely be sold in the UK at around £220/£250.

The units price, among other things, are expected to be officially announced during a live Direct Broadcast on January 12 (January 13 at 4AM for us UK folk), which is this Friday, so we haven’t got too long to wait.