Nintendo Switch Subscribers will get Free Games Each Month, but Not for Keeps

Thanks to PlayStation Plus and its Instant Game Collection each month, gamers have come to expect that, along with their monthly subscription to gaming services, they should also be entitled to free games each month. Hence why Games with Gold exists. Now, with the Nintendo Switch, players will be required to also pay a subscription for online services, and of course they too will receive free games to play each month. However there’s a catch – these games won’t be yours to keep.

With PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold, players receive a selection of games each month which they can keep and play as long as their subscriptions remain in tact. Even if they drop their subscription for a month, they can come back and play the game once they’ve purchased a new subscription.

Nintendo’s game service subscription on the other hand, which will come into action in the fall, will give players NES and SNES games, but only as a month-long trial. Once the month has ended and new games are on offer, those past games will need to be paid for in order to continue playing.

This news comes via Wired’s Chris Kohler who heard from a Nintendo of America representative on the matter. These free NES and SNES titles that’ll come each month, will only be free and playable during that month.

Of course this begs the question, have we as gamers become a little too entitled? We’re paying a set fee each month to maintain an online gaming infrastructure, not to get free stuff. While Nintendo may seem to be giving and taking the candy from us babies, they seem to have their heads screwed on right in this case. It’s not like we don’t get to play free games each month, we just don’t get to keep them.