Apparently word that a Resident Evil 7-themed candle slipped out a little earlier than planned with reports suggesting that it smelled like blood. Now, Capcom and Numskull have officially announced the official Resident Evil 4D candle and assure us that it doesn’t smell like blood.

This novelty “4D” candle is set to enhance your Resident Evil 7 gameplay by making your room smell like the Baker House Mansion. While it doesn’t smell like blood, it’ll likely smell like a musty old plantation house…?

Ben Grant, of Numskull said: “Contrary to earlier reports that jumped the gun a little, the candle definitely does not smell of blood. However, it does manage to represent the scent of the Baker House Mansion, adding to the horror, fear and adrenaline you get whilst playing the game – especially in VR.”

The candle itself will cost £10/€12/$14 and comes in a metallic case with a burn time of around 25 hours, just enough to see you thought the game, provided you don’t get stuck, that is.

Aside from the musty candle, Numskull has a range of other Resident Evil products including hats, shirts, mugs, keyrings, and wallets.

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